Vision & Mission


Eviqe Estates has a very clear vision, to become the most service minded company for international property owners in Northern Cyprus. We want to give the best and most professional service possible to people who are looking for a property, maintain their newly bought property, rent out their property or sell their property.

We also want to be the go-to company for international people looking for a local service in Northern Cyprus which can be anything from buying new furniture, renting a car or applying for a residence VISA. We will also advise you on the best activities, restaurants, sights and shopping streets. Whatever you are looking for to make your life in Northern Cyprus easier and more comfortable, we are ready to help. We will be by your side every step of the way and make your dream a reality.

Our mission is not only to help international people in Northern Cyprus, we also want the world to know about this beautiful hidden place located in the Mediterranean Sea. We will constantly look at innovative ways to market Northern Cyprus and make it more attractive to the outer world. We will work closely to the local government to reach our target worldwide. We believe that if all the people that have already fallen in love with this place, can show a system for their fellow international friends, we have a good chance together to grow a place like Northern Cyprus. It is in our highest interest to help this country grow as our business is naturally powered by the country's success.