After Sales

After Sales

Eviqe Estates also handles all after sales matters such as rentals, local paperwork, VISA, furniture shopping, insurance, banking and more. Below you can see a list of what services we offer you and you are always welcome to contact our head office for more information.


When you have taken the decision to move full or part time to a new country there are certain things you have to deal with and it is not always easy to know the system. Our after sales department will be next to you in that process.


When you have bought a new property it is important that you get the right management team to help you keep it in good shape for a long time. To avoid maintenance and management worries, speak to us for advise.


We offer advice on safe banking matters as we have great cooperations with the local banks. If you earn money on rentals, you have to know where to keep your money safe. Contact us for more information about bank matters.

Interior Design

When you have purchased a property you need to furniture it, either for yourself or for rent. We can give you the best advice on where to buy your interior design or if you do not want to do it yourself, we can help you with shopping.


When you want to move to your new home it is important to know about the laws around local VISA and what is required from you if you want to stay longer than just a few weeks per year. We assist you in all these questions.

Transfer/Car Rentals

If you need access to a car, or in another way get around the island, we will help and connect you with the right supplier for the best price and service. All such matters are dealt with by our after sales department.


Most people buy their property in the Mediterranean for rental income. It is important to know the different rules around renting, such as local tax and where to market your property online. We will guide you through that full process.


There might be many reasons to why you want insurance when you have bought a new property in another country. We know how difficult it can be to find the right honest insurance company and therefore we are there to advise you.


If you have bought a property in Northern Cyprus and after a certain time wish to sell it, we are here to help you. We will get all the information from you and give to Eviqe Estates, who will handle the sale.