Eviqe Estates is a Mediterranean estate agency operating mainly in Northern Cyprus, where our head office is also located. We are working with anyone wishing to invest in a property in the Mediterranean and our job is to find the best properties in the area with a good variety of choice. We are next to the buyers during the whole process from organizing a property tour to property viewings and the buying process. And when you have got your new property, we offer a full range of after sales services to make your installment smooth and easy.

There are a lot of options in the marketplace and it is not always easy to know what is a good and safe investment, what areas are the best and who to invest with. Before you buy a property, it is important that you learn the full process and know what is a necessity for you to not make your investment with the wrong property company that could turn your dream into a nightmare. Our experience tells us that many people find it stressful and difficult to know where to start and who to turn to, therefore it is our job to remove any stress and make the whole process, from start to beginning, much easier.

As we have built strong relationships with developers, construction companies and lawyers during several years, we are confident that we have all the right knowledge to help you make a good investment. We provide professional services with no pressure as we encourage all our guests to take the time necessary before choosing and committing to a property purchase. Therefore we offer non pressured property tours with professional consultants every week, in both private and group, for everyone wanting to come and have a look before making any decision to buy.

We are here to share our extensive knowledge of the Mediterranean and Northern Cyprus and give you clarity so that you can feel comfortable when buying a property abroad. All you have to do is get in touched with us and we are ready to help you out!

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About Our Company

Eviqe Estates was founded by a group of Swedish business men and women with great experience and network in the industry, living and owning property on the island, who wanted to fill that gap in the industry.

With its highest focus on professional advice and service to international property owners and foreigners in Northern Cyprus, Eviqe Estates and its multiple brands are now growing rapidly on the island and have already built up a great network of happy clients.

With values such as respect, professionalism, communication and honesty, we believe we can serve our clients with the best service platform in the country. Our team is a mix of strong multinational people with great experience in the field. We put our highest focus on all our clients, as your success will mirror our success.

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