Meet Our Team




Eviqe Estastes is run by a team of professionals with its focus on the Scandinavian and European marketplace. We are doing our very best to make our clients feel safe and comfortable with us and make the whole experience feel like home. Buying a property abroad can be something really scary and our job is to take that fear away from you.
“I came to Northern Cyprus over two years ago together with my husband Daniel and we had no intention to invest or move here. Today, after I understood the property market and the country, we both own several properties here and we run Eviqe together with a very talented group of people. We have helped many clients among the years to find a property that will suit their needs, whether it is to buy for investment only or for a second home in the sun. Whatever your needs are, we help you fulfil them. I can proudly say that we now have hundreds of happy customers and we have still just begun this journey. Northern Cyprus really changes lives and we are so happy to be a part of this journey.”
-LINDA HALLBERG, Sales Director, Eviqe Estates


Our head office is located in the beautiful north coastline of Northern Cyprus, overlooking both sea and mountains, and we provide services for anyone wishing to invest and/or have just invested in a property on this magical island. With educated staff, we do our best to remain professional and give the best services possible. If you are in the area, come visit us and get to know our team better. Our door is always open for you!


Linda Hallberg

Sales Director

Ahmed Yıldız

Property Consultant


Agnese Öhgren

Sales Agent

Anton Georgiev

Sales Agent

Anchi Ristori

Sales Agent

Cecilia Falkesand Langer

Sales Agent

Cristian Öhgren

Sales Agent

Erika Hulterström

Sales Agent

Eva Louise Landgren

Sales Agent

Eva Steenson

Sales Agent

Katarina Ljung

Sales Agent

Lennart Rosberg

Sales Agent

Mikael Jänsby

Sales Agent

Nadya Antonsson

Sales Agent

Patrik Langer

Sales Agent

Per Wigart

Sales Agent

Sara Jönsson

Sales Agent

Susanne Axhorn

Sales Agent

Tunde Onikoyi

Sales Agent

Ulla Rintanen Björkman

Sales Agent


Linnéa Kempe Baştaş


Rukiye Keleş

General Manager

Louise Härnälv

Administrative Coordinator

Souhaib Souid

Graphic Designer

Shaban Havuzsalim

Digital Media Producer